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What You Should Know About Lennox X6672 Furnace Filter

Posted by adam brooks on

The best quality furnace filter helps in maintaining a healthy climate indoors by allowing the air to pass through and trapping the contaminations. All these filters are characterized by the MERV rating through which their performance efficiency is determined. The higher the MERV rating, the higher will be the air cleansing efficiency. Some modern filters have an extra thick layer or special coating that gives them a boost in performance.

Today we will explore the features and compatibilities of Lennox x6672 filter, which is among the best furnace filters in Canada.

Features of Lennox x6672 Furnace Filter

Lennox x6672 is a pleated furnace filter with a carbon-coated surface that helps in removing contaminations from the air like odours and dust mites. Measuring 16” * 25” * 5”, this filter has a MERV rating of almost 16. BUILT FOR Lennox HCC16-28 air cleaner systems, this filter fits perfectly in the air duct. However, it also has fitting compatibility with other models of similar configuration. Lennox x6672 furnace filter in Canada has the most notable purchase due to its superior quality and creating a healthy climate by removing air pollutants. Some major contamination it traps are:

• VOC’s

• Bacteria and viruses

• Pet Dander

• Formaldehyde

• Pesticides and smoke

• Spores and odours

The Lennox x6672 furnace filter traps 90% of the particles, which are 0.1-micron in size, while 95% of the ones 0.3 microns in size approximately. Collectively it creates a pure air equivalent to healthy climate maintained hospitals.

Replacement of X6672 Furnace Filter

This is a replacement filter that needs changing in roughly 9-12 months, unlike the other filter of lesser efficiency that needs replacement in 3-4 months. For performance on an optimal level, it is recommended to replace it before 12 months to keep a healthy climate indoors. This replacement duration places the Lennox x6672 furnace filter among the top brands in Canada.

Advantages of Lennox x6672 Replacements

Replacing your system with a quality filter gives you benefits in a number of ways:

• Timely replacements help maintain a healthy climate indoors. Clogged filters result in becoming a part of airflow and continue to contaminate the air and to damage the furnace unit.

• Dust and debris is the leading cause of furnace filter failure. A replacement with quality Lennox x6672 furnace filter for the Canadian climate gives your furnace unit a chance to avoid damages and costly repairs.

• Replacement prevents system overheating due to extra effort it has to bear. Put your system at ease by replacing the filters regularly.

Final Word

The above-mentioned reasons make Lennox x6672 furnace filters as the most preferred in Canada due to its features and capabilities. Winter has already come, and you need to make sure your home is warm enough to sustain a healthy climate indoors. We recommend you to use this furnace filter for your home and enjoy the winter season. If you have not maintained your furnace system yet or replaced a filter, now is the time to use this quality furnace filter to give your winters the perfect balance.

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