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How to Change Furnace Filters: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by adam brooks on

How to Change Furnace Filters

Being a homeowner does have its perks but requires a lot of doing it yourself maintenance that is not so exciting – like changing a furnace air filter. As far as home improvement goes, replacing a furnace filter is among the least exciting household chores. There is no excitement involved, as the dangers of power tools or visual impacts of crown moulding. However, these little things make a significant impact in the long-run as finding the best furnace filters means improved air quality as well as saving money. Filters were initially designed to protect the moving parts of a furnace system, but with technological innovations, they can now purify the air from harmful particles and dust.

Like most homeowners, we assume you do not know what a furnace filter is and how to change it. Below we have broken down some steps to help you change your furnace filters in Canada.

Step 1: Determine the Size of Filter You Need

First of all, you need to determine the exact size of your furnace air filter and identify the type of filter you have and need to change. First, turn off your furnace and remove the existing filter located just inside the air return vent. You should look for an arrow on the filter that indicates the direction where the air flows. Mark that direction of the exterior of the furnace to know the correct way to install the filter later.

Once you have removed the filter, take note of the size on the cardboard frame to know which size to buy.

Step 2: Buy the Right Replacement

Now that you know the right size of your filter you need to replace, all you have to do is to purchase the right one. Buy the best quality furnace air filters to use with your heating systems, so it gives you the longevity of your system as well as cleaner air for you.

You can typically find quality filters in home stores, hardware shops or online depending on the source you seek. If looking for the best furnace filters in Canada, you can visit us at Furnace Filters GTA to make your choice.

Step 3: Install your New Filter

When installing your new filter, you will see the marking that tells you which side faces the furnace. Slide the furnace air filter according to the markings and put the cover back over it. Keep note of the date you have changed the filter so you can schedule it for future replacements.

Changing the furnace air filter is an easy job compared to other chores you get. However, changing your filter rewards you higher in terms of cost-saving and air quality. Make sure to schedule the replacements regularly to avoid any significant damage to your furnace system and save maintenance costs. Act smart to determining the size and quality of your filter to purify your home and environment.

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