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UV Reactive Filter Media 16 x 25 x 4 LS. MERV 11

Goldshield 20x25 LS TUV-RFM-4-2025 FreshAire UV Reactive Filter Media 20x25x4. MERV 11 Rated

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  • FRESH-AIRE UV Goldshield Reactive Filter Media 20 x 25. Part # TUV-PRT-RFM-4-2025
  • For FreshAire UV Purity 20" x 25" x 4" 
  • This MERV 11 filter media kills germs with Goldshield™ Antimicrobial Nanotechnology
  • Works with the UV lights to trap and destroy microbes and contaminants
  • Unique filter material will not degrade from exposure to UV light